Final Countdown

Tor taping the spreaders to protect the spinnaker from chafing

Today is the last day on land (we think), and there’s still a lot to do. Yesterday, Tor went up the mast and put tape on the spreaders so that the spinnaker won’t chafe or rip on any sharp edges. Losing a sail always sucks, but even more so during an ocean crossing. The spinnaker is used in low wind situations and helps to keep the boat going without motoring and wasting a bunch of fuel.

“An eggless breakfast” – photo by Quinn

In order to write these blog posts, I (Tor’s wife Kyoko) am relying on the crew to send me photos, videos and stories. I requested that they share even mundane activities and objects, which might be of interest to everyone who’s following the journey. Quinn took this quite literally and sent me the minimalist photographic artwork above. What is that supposed to be? I asked for a caption and the response was, “An eggless breakfast.” Ummm, okay!?! I guess I can use this photo to tell you that meals and food are one of the most exciting parts of cruising, especially for this crew. All of them enjoy cooking as well as eating good food.

Fishing gear is essential on an ocean crossing
Quinn the artist

Fishing is another fun aspect of ocean crossings. They usually drag a lure, and if the boat hits a certain speed, certain fish like mahi mahi will chase the lure. While they have plenty of food aboard the boat, it’s always good to catch fresh fish, and keep the canned and frozen food as backup in case of an emergency, e.g. they’re stranded at sea. And speaking of food, the boys went to Roberto’s Taco Shop to pick up their order today. Can you tell they’re excited?

The Johnson boys with the Roberto’s crew
Looks yummy!

We’ll post another update later today or first thing tomorrow with the latest weather forecast and final decision on their departure. Stay tuned!