And They’re Off!

TimeZero weather forecast

Wednesday May 15, 2024 Update

Tor says: “Weather looks good. It’s a go! Departure today as soon as we get last minute prep done. This TimeZero forecast has the track for our last [ocean] crossing on it. Good for reference. A weak high pressure [system] off Baja is pushing winds more westerly, meaning we will have headwinds for a few days. The plus side is that it’s fairly light – 15 knots, so it won’t be too rough. Stronger winds to the north off the California coast will create a sea, so I expect it to be a ‘bit choppy’ (to use a skipper’s understatement). I’ll be downloading weather daily via an Iridium Go! satellite data connection. It’s painfully slow, but I own one so it’s the best option.”

Checking the genoa
The awesome staff at Doyle Sails doing repairs

Tor says: “The guys at Doyle Sails San Diego doing a last minute repair on our genoa. We found a tear in the fabric at the head of the sail when we dropped it to inspect. Everything happens on the last day! I was a little stressed, but the great dinner (and a few beers) with [friend] Randi fixed that.”

Randi Ryan is an old family friend and has known Rowan and Quinn since they were babies. She generously took the Kaimana crew out last night for a farewell dinner.

Randi with the Kaimana crew
Selfie outside the Bali Hai restaurant. Any resemblance to the statue is purely coincidental!

Next up is my favorite photo so far. Can you guess what’s going on? Rowan is sleeping in a blanket of tortillas from Roberto’s Taco Shop!

Hims loves him some tortillas!

Around 11:30am Pacific Time (8:30am Hawaii Time) Kaimana officially left port. It was a little foggy but not bad. Tor said the soonest they could arrive in Hawaii is the 29th, which is exactly two weeks from today. But realistically speaking, they’ll most likely arrive on the 31st or so.

A destroyer they saw on the wait out of the harbor

Tor won’t be able to send any more photos as of later today, but he will send daily position updates via his satellite device. For now, I leave you with this photo of the local sirens bidding them farewell!

The photo was actually taken during the sea trial but it’s a cool photo!