Sea Trials & Provisioning

Monday May 13, 2024

Tracy Dixon arrived in San Diego last week, and they took Kaimana out for a sea trial with her new pink spinnaker. A local couple named Lani and June participated in the sea trial in addition to Tor and Tray. Tor got to know Lani and June while shopping for spinnakers recently. He kept in touch with them and invited them to join the sea trial since they’re experienced sailors in addition to being cool people.

Sea trial off the San Diego coast

As usual, Tor decided to leave the crew on their own while he took off on a dinghy to shoot photos. Good thing that Lani and June were crewing with Tracy, because Tor ran out of gasoline on his dinghy and had to be rescued, like a man overboard drill! Tracy and crew had to take down the spinnaker before they could pick Tor up, so it took a bit of time. Meanwhile, Tor was drifting towards Mexico and his cell phone started connecting to Mexican cell towers.

But it was well worth it for the photos, I say!

Beautiful Kaimana
Checking “To Do” lists before departure. Or maybe they’re just checking Instagram!

Quinn Johnson arrived a few days later, so next, they went to Costco to provision for the upcoming crossing. They bought lots of frozen food and canned food (in case of emergency) in addition to fresh stuff. They’re also going to get food from a Mexican restaurant in Point Loma called Roberto’s Taco Shop, which Tor claims is ono-licious.

Costco, land of plenty
Got Provisions?
Carting the goods back to the boat

The weather forecast has been changing every day so it’s hard to predict their exact departure date. But the plan is to leave on May 15th if the forecast looks good. Tor’s nephew Rowan is graduating from college this week and will fly down to join the crew just in time for departure.

Lifting the floorboards to stash the goods