Tor Johnson and his wife Kyoko run their photography business out of a beach house in Waialua, Hawaii. Tor, a life long surfer who grew up sailing the oceans with his family, began photographing the world around him after a crewmember sailing with the family gave Tor her old camera.  Tor went on to document his sailing and surfing adventures, photographing and writing for magazines such as Surfer’s Path and Surfer’s Journal.

Tor now focuses on stock photography and commercial photography, but has kept a keen sense of wonder for the ocean, the light, and for the creatures and people who make our ocean world. Whether he’s shooting marine life in Hawaii, tropical destinations for commercial clients, blue water sailing shots for yachting magazines, or just something for himself, he’s always trying to capture something new and unique which incorporates the essence of the environment.

Click here to read Tor’s surfing and sailing photojournalism pieces.


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