Day 1 of Pacific Crossing – No Wind then Lots of Wind

Link to current position:

Below is a series of satellite text messages I received from Tor, starting yesterday. My messages back to him are labeled “KYOKO:”

May 15, 2024 – 2:47pm HST / 5:47pm PDT

Cold out here just south of San Clemente Island. The boys saw a sunfish and a huge shark! Dark tall fin moving quickly. Tracy isn’t sure [what kind of shark it was]. Just a tall black fin.

Chile verde burritos for dinner!

Light winds, motoring.

OMG a destroyer just passed us and is now firing live ammunition over our path!! Very busy here. 

Saw dolphins too. Wow.

KYOKO: What’s the order of the boys’ night watches? I know you’re always on call. 

Tracy 8pm-12am, Rowan 12-4am, Quinn 4-8am

Thought we might get to sail here but the wind died again. Dang

At least we are motoring straight toward the Ala Wai

KYOKO: Shucks I’m sorry there’s no wind. Looks like it’s northwesterlies and you’re in the lee of the offshore islands and the Point Conception. 

May 15, 2024 – 7:55pm HST / 10:55pm PDT

Oh man sailing drill tonight! Got up and hoisted sail, wind died, took it down, got up and hoisted it again. Now we are sailing. For now. Out of the lee..?

Oh definitely out of the lee now. May need to shorten sail

May 16, 2024 – 4:54am HST / 7:54am PDT

Bombing along all night! 15-20 knots of wind, much more than forecast, and a better angle. Been headed for Hawaii all night. Sails reefed down. 

Quinn gets  crewman of the day award. He went forward and coiled some loose lines this morning. We’ve had very wet decks all night. No one wants to go up there

KYOKO: Great I’m glad to hear you have good winds. Sounds like rough conditions though. Is anyone seasick?

Rowan lost his chile verde. Just washed it off the deck. Gave him Stugeron [an anti nausea antihistamine]. He is crashed now 😴  

KYOKO: How are you doing? Seasick at all? Did you take Stugeron?

No drugs. Haven’t felt too bad. Managed to get some sleep in fore peak while being slammed to windward. Used the “pillow system” to pad the downwind side. 

Tell Rowan’s mom she should get him to eat more slowly. Based on the chunks he really needs to chew more. Kidding. But Rowan will never hear the end of it regardless.

May 16, 2024 – 8:34am HST / 11:34am PDT

155 miles so far, 11:30 to 11:30 [24 hour period]. Very close to our last course on Yo-Layla (here we go again, get it?) We are staying a bit north, to stay in the wind.


The boys with their Kaimana Pacific Crossing can coolers

Kyoko here. Tor’s friend Craig Gifford is an airline pilot and a sailor, and Tor had mentioned that Craig is a good source for weather updates. I told Craig Tor’s current position and he said: “It looks like Tor is using ECMWF models based on his current position. Here is an update on that route (sent me some images). I would estimate his arrival late on May 27.”

I told Craig that sounds like a fast trip. He said:

“Yes…based on current models. Stay tuned for daily updates. Weather/waves/wind change. Also…my route planning tool assumes a full race crew. I’m certain Tor will not fly spinnaker at night. That will add some time.”

The spinnaker is a lightweight sail that is attached at only three points (the corners) but not to a forestay, so the chances of the sail getting tangled is high if the boat isn’t steered just right or if the wind suddenly switches. At night time with lower visibility, it can be extra challenging. Since Kaimana is not in a race, they’ll probably use the spinnaker in daylight only.

Projected route – now
Projected route – midway
Projected route – final