Day 2-3 of Pacific Crossing – Banging Around & Mobbed by Dolphins

Today’s position:

May 16, 2024

10:30am HST / 1:30pm PDT

Quinn wasn’t feeling well so he took a bucket and poured salt water on his head. He beat Tracy to it!

12:44pm HST / 3:44pm PDT

Banging around a bit here. I guess the coastal NW’lies aren’t done with us yet.

KYOKO: Be careful! Don’t fall overboard!

Yes!! Harnesses all around.

2:24pm HST / 5:24pm PDT

Yeah wind is increasing a bit. Still beating upwind. Forward cabin is interesting.

I grabbed a velella (by the wind sailor) jellyfish in the bucket. Amazing creature. And a booby has been following us off and on.

We had a tanker turning all over the place this morning, close in front of us. Must have been waiting for his dock in San Pedro. Finally got him on VHF..and said let’s pass PORT TO PORT, please.

Also got mobbed by 10 dolphins.

KYOKO: Dolphins, cool. Booby, cool. Brown booby? Red footed? Blue footed? Masked?

Brown…? White belly, brown wings. Couldn’t get a shot.

Non-slip mats are essential in rough seas!

May 17, 2024 – 5:42am HST / 8:42am PDT
(Kyoko Note: I shared Craig Gifford’s weather updates with Tor, so we corresponded about that a bit. Craig had recommended staying south of 30N latitude because it would be a better ride, with less waves and less wind.)

Thanks. We are about ready for some wind aft of the beam. Seas have been moderate tho so cockpit is dry. Just hard balancing. And cold! Tracy has a cough. Gave him my puffy jacket and relieved his watch a little early last night. Gotta take care of the crew! 

We are at 30°16′. Trying to avoid light winds to the S. High winds are farther N of us but we may see swell. Where does [Craig] see 30+ knots on our course??

Kyoko: Craig says: 30 kts is not on [Tor’s] course as long as he doesn’t go any further north. 29-30 degrees N is the sweet spot now.The high [pressure] should be filling in nicely as the “low” leaves the Hawaiian Islands. Their timing is impeccable!!

Nice that sounds better Captain Gifford 😍

Kaimana sea trial off San Diego coast in March 2024