Days 8-9 Pacific Crossing: Burial at Sea…for the Drone

2021 Pacific crossing on S/V Yo-Lyla

Here are the texts from yesterday and this morning…

May 22, 2024 – 2:27pm HST

We haven’t had the spinnaker up yet! The wind has occasionally lightened up, but soon picks up again and we are fully powered up. Still a good sized swell.

KYOKO: Nice you have enough wind to not use spinnaker. Altho I’m sure you want to use it. 😃

Haha yes we do want to use it but as you say even better to have good wind.

May 23, 2024 – 6:22am HST

Lost the drone. She hit a wave. We were hitting 12 knots surfing. Got some great shots but lost those. Oh well. At least it’s insured right? And I have another $3,000 drone. Tracy saw it fly itself into a big wave.

KYOKO: Oh no! I hope you got video footage too before you lost it. Losing the drone one week into a two week trip is not bad for you though. 🤣

No video. I do have the final screen shot on the remote. White water. Last time I pulled flight records and saw video of the final moments of my crash. Must do that again. Sad. BUT I did get some great material before that and downloaded daily. Knew the risks.

On the bright side, Another 180 mile day. And brighter side: finalized the insurance before I left ✔️

Kaimana sea trial in San Diego…taken prior to the drone’s drowning!


Gradients will continue to weaken between now and the 29th, based on assumed position. Sea state will be between 7-7.8 feet for remainder of crossing, diminishing to the low 6 foot range by the 26th.

Weather forecast May 23-29, by Craig