Days 11-13 Pacific Crossing – Heading Straight for the Barn

Tracy aka Mr. Cool during Kaimana’s 2018 Pacific crossing

In response to Craig’s suggestion to gybe, Tor said:

May 25, 2025 – 10:35am HST

Haha we already gybed 🤣. We had a wind switch E that was sending us to Attu Island [in the Aleutians]. Now we are on Port Tack for the first time. Heading straight for the BARN!!

We did not make good -time on yesterday’s run. A mere 152 miles. Squalls and light winds overnight. Good news is the oil leak has stopped, thank the Holy Dog Above!!

Quinn and Rowan are making a peach cobbler for dinner. We will have a gybe party. Kind of a big deal since it’s the last leg of the crossing.

KYOKO: Gybe party sounds fun. You should all dress up in costumes, like the equator party.

5:42pm HST

Tracy is doing great. His cough is nearly gone. Healthy as an ox he says. We are all enjoying our last time out here since it is dwindling.

KYOKO: Oh so glad to hear Tracy is better. It must be all the sperm water he’s drinking. 😉

Half way all gay was a theme. Gybe party sounds good too!

Did I mention i tested the water and did a bleach vs. vinegar test? I’ll have to check on my samples. I made a video where I am experimenting with crew madman.

Quinn hanging with dolphins, 2017

CRAIG WEATHER REPORT: 6 foot waves tonight with approximately 15-16 kts of wind. Their gybe will keep them comfortably within the 15-18kt wind band the rest of their trip. Models still show their arrival on the 29th. Let Tor know that the swell will be straight out of the East until within 100 miles of landfall, + or – a few degrees. Wave period will remain consistent at 7.5ish. Good night, Kaimana Crew! Don’t forget to reposition your leecloths (or pillows) for the port tack!

Haha too funny I am just arranging pillows on starboard side of my bunk 🤣🤣 Craig is watching us! Appreciate his comments.

Just saw a series of lights race across the sky. Must be low satellites? Like 10 lights. UFOs?

KYOKO: I think the politically correct term now is UAP. Unidentified aerial phenomena.

Rowan aboard S/V Kaholo, 2021 Atlantic crossing

May 26, 2024 – 5:15am HST

I got a few shots of a red tailed tropic bird hunting our lures. Super cool watching him hunt. We pulled them in before there was a disaster.

KYOKO: Cool about the koa‘e ‘ula. Good you pulled the lures in.

Imagine killing a red-tailed tropicbird?? Ruin your trip. Tracy said it would be like the Ancient Mariner “with my crossbow, I shot the albatross.”

KYOKO: You probably wouldn’t kill it but it might get stuck on the hook and you have to try to release it. Ugh either way it wouldn’t be fun. I wasn’t familiar with Ancient Mariner. I looked it up and found this:

Ancient mariner narrates the story to a man bound for a wedding. Marriage is a symbol of union. Killing of the albatross is a symbol of disunity between man and animals. Crew becoming angry with the Mariner is a symbol of disunity of society.

Whoa. I dint know all ‘a shit. Thought it was just about a guy who killed an albatross 🤔

That time a white-tailed tropicbird decided to hang out on S/V Kahea, during the crossing from Fiji to Vanuatu, 2011

CRAIG WEATHER REPORT: Stay on port tack through end of day on 27th. Will revaluate daily.

7:55pm HST
Getting windy and a little rougher out here so we reefed down for the night. Don’t want the watch stander getting caught over powered. Thanks to Craig.

May 26, 2024 – 5:46am HST
KYOKO: Good call reefing down. Getting overpowered while on nigiht watch alone sounds dangerous and not fun.

Yeah we are a little conservative. Gotta answer to my siblings (Rowan and Quinn’s parents) if anything happens! 😉 Surfing down waves like crazy. A little rough. Risked the mini drone at sunrise.

11:37am HST

Just caught a marlin! Beautiful fish, surprising we got it aboard. Plenty of sashimi to bring home for all now.

NOTE FROM KYOKO: Tor is considering anchoring off at Kalaupapa, Moloka‘i on Wednesday night so as not to risk an evening (i.e. dark) arrival into port at Waikiki. If they do that, they’ll get into Honolulu on the 30th, or possibly the 31st if they decide to take a break for a day. We are corresponding with Michael and Madeline too. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Checking the sails before the sun fully sets.
Position as of 9:55am HST May 27, 2024