Workshop Descriptions

These are just a few of the fun & informative workshops offered by the founders of K9 Nose Work & the NACSW, and NACSW faculty. Most official NACSW K9 Nose Work workshops & seminars offer Continuing Education Units for certified trainers. Visit the workshop schedule and contact the host for the specific workshop you’re interested in to obtain more information.

New workshops and seminars are currently in development to continue bringing K9 Nose Work enthusiasts the most informative and up to date educational experiences. Check the workshop schedule for information on the latest and newest workshops being offered in your area.

Intro to K9 Nose Work® 

Discover why the founders developed the activity, how it works, and see how quickly any dog can be taught the foundational skills for a lifetime of fun and achievement in K9 Nose Work®

Intro to Odor or Continuing Nose Work 

Learn how to transition your dog from hunting for food, to hunting for a target odor. Experience searching exterior areas and vehicles using the proper techniques to help your dog take charge of the game.

Working dogs must have completed Intro to Nose Work and/or been actively training for at least six weeks. Handlers must have completed Intro to Nose Work to participate with a dog. 

Advanced Nose Work   

Dogs and handlers get preparation for the trial experience through discussing the philosophy of K9 Nose Work competition, and practicing searches in the four elements of competition.

Working dogs and handlers should be trial ready at the NW1 level. Ongoing participation in an instructor led class strongly recommended. 

Competition Skill Building NW1/NW2/NW3 

Focus on advanced hide placements designed to strengthen performance for dogs and handlers.

Pre-requisite for each level is achievement of the prior title level by working dogs. Ongoing participation in an instructor led class strongly recommended.

K9 Nose Work Teamwork: From Foundation to Trial Day

A comprehensive guide to preparing for trial day, this seminar will cover training for trial, the trial walk-through, search area analysis, trial day expectations, handler strategy, and post trial learning.

This is a non-working seminar featuring lecture, powerpoint, video, photos, and demos. It is recommended that attendees have passed an ORT and are preparing to trial. 

Hosting a Workshop

K9 Nose Work workshops are offered for all skill levels from beginning to advanced, and are a great way to learn and practice the activity in a single day. You can host a workshop for your students, club, or attendees of a special event.

Attendees of the workshop you host will get:

  • Instruction from one of the three founders of the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work and the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW), approved NACSW faculty or Certified Nose Work Instructors (CNWIs)
  • A combination of lecture, video presentation, and training in the activity or sport of K9 Nose Work
  • The opportunity to work with their dogs practicing or learning the activity or sport of K9 Nose Work (working spot required), or to observe different dogs discovering and enjoying the activity or sport (auditing spot)

To fnd out how to bring a K9 Nose Work workshop to your area, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page.